Scientific Reasons for Why To Stay Happy!

Happiness is the ‘psychiatric disorder’ or if we say more accurately, a ‘psychiatric condition’. It is a disorder of pleasant type that also leads to abnormal activities in brain. As the negative emotions destruct mind, positive thoughts lead to construction in brain.

1 Happiness is the emotion that everyone likes to enjoy but we mostly get stressed with our life and feel less happy and more burdened.
Being happy means having a healthy life, and it is not just a simple statement that we are saying, it is what science says. Many studies have been conducted to check the influence of happiness on the human body and every study concludes that stay happy if you want to live healthy. Here are some reasons to tell you why to stay happy:
To Have A Better Life
If you stay happy, you will have a more satisfied life. Positive emotions improve your life not because you are happy but because you develop resources to stay good. When a study was conducted to see whether happiness is connected with life satisfaction, it was found that happy emotions allow the person to build lasting resources. It also increases resilience.

2 It is seen that happy people are successful in major life domains including work performance, health, marriage, income, and friendship. Happiness and success are found side by side mostly. Researchers believe that it is because happy thoughts lead to the behaviors paralleling success.

3 To Have Long Life:
There are studies that have found that well-being of the person and longevity is strongly related to the happiness. The overall health improves greatly when a person is happy.

4 To Improve Cognitive Functions:
Positive emotions have strong relationship with the psychological functioning. Feeling happy reduces risk of neurological disorders as it has positive effects on brain. Happiness has constructive effects on the brain development.

5To Stay Healthy
When researchers determined the effects of happiness on brain with the help of biological markers, results remained positive. Interferon-γ (IFN-γ) influences brain activity and leads to depressive symptoms. A study showed that people who are happy have reduced levels of IFN-γ. The quantities of IFN-γ and happiness are found to be inversely proportional. The systemic inflammation reduces when a person is happy. Happiness leads to the suppression of the peripheral circulation of pro-inflammatory cytokines.

6How To Stay Happy?
If you are a happy person then it will not be a trouble for you to find things that can keep you smiling, but if you have a negative personality, these tips can help you:
• Try to complain less
• Accept what is happening in your surroundings
• Help others – it will provide eternal happiness
• Share your troubles with family and friends – you will feel relieved
• Ignore things that you cannot change
• Eat healthy so you can have better health to cheer for
• Exercise daily to reduce stress
• Go for yoga or meditation to get mental peace
• Plan vacations and spend time with family
• Find the person you can truly love
• Stay true in the relations.

Sufficient water controls our body

Water constitutes 80% of the human body. You may not believe but researchers have proved that your muscles are around 75% water, blood has excess of 80% water, fat has 25% water and bones have around 22% water. Numerous conditions determine how much water a body holds. Each part and mechanism in the body uses water; it includes muscles, bones, greasy tissue, circulatory process and brain. If your body realizes that it is not getting sufficient water on its working process, it will begin to store water so that it is accessible when it is needed. Inadequate water results in your body functioning slowly or ceases which results into health issues. This is a common survival component incorporate within human body.
Kidneys function best with sufficient Water
If you do not drink enough water, your body will discharge a few times and you will not urinate for the required intervals. As such, your body will make a considerable less urine than normal which results to kidney health problems. The purpose of the kidney is to remove toxins and wastes in the body by filtering blood. The filtering process makes urine flows into the urinary system to get rid of wastes in the body. If the kidney does not create enough urine, the waste stays in your kidneys and start decaying. It will prompt diseases that are very painful to the body and threat to our lives.
Liver functions best with enough Water
Liver functions in the body include detoxification of metabolites, protein synthesis, and making of biochemical necessary for digestion. If you do not drink sufficient water each day, liver stops to function well, toxins begins accumulating in the body, it becomes a burden for liver to channel the waste out causing other body systems not to function well or stop functioning. This is a danger to lives.
Colon functions best with sufficient Water
Taking sufficient water will keep your colon and digestive framework clean and functional. As defecation sets out through the six feet of colon, the body removes a percentage of the water in it to have the capacity to utilize in other part of the body. If the body is not getting enough water, the body will be compelled to take additional water from the waste material traveling through your colon. According to human experience, the lesser the water you take, the harder and dryer your solid discharge gets. The dryer and harder it gets, the harder for it to travel through the colon. If the situation continues for a long time, there is a high chance of developing constipation problem. Poisons from the stuck waste material start spilling all over the body through blood circulation system and begin to poison different parts of your body.
Skin function best with sufficient water
It is wise enough for one to drink eight glasses of water daily. If you begin to have inadequacy of water in your body, your skin will be the first organ to suffer. Absence of water makes your skin to create conditions like pimple inflammation, untimely lines and wrinkles. With sufficient water, skin cells became loaded enough with moisture and it will be rare to encounter issues of skin dryness, skin cut off and pimple inflammation.

Seven Simple Ways To Reduce Stress

Stress is the condition that impacts mental and physical health. When there is a challenge, our body is designed to produce fight or flight response. But when the challenging situation lasts for long, body gets into the state of continuous stress. It becomes necessary to reduce the body response towards that stimulus causing stress. To do that, here given are some ways that are scientifically proven to reduce stress. You can try any method that is most appropriate for you.

Go for Yoga:

Yoga produces many beneficial effects on body. It is better than normal relaxation. When a person performs yoga for an hour daily for 10 weeks continuously, there is the mark reduction in the stress and anxiety. Improvement in life scores can also be seen with time. It improves mental health also.

Distract or Relax Your Mind:

When you are highly stressed, you can divert your attention from the source of stress. You can either relax or distract your mind. Both techniques are effectual in reducing anxiety and stress. According to some studies, women relieve stress more rapidly with the help of relaxation techniques and men finds distraction more effective.

Seeking Help is Better:

Seeking help is not a bad thing. Mainly, the caretakers of the patients of any disease feel more stressed. There are many programs conducted by the hospitals and universities to help the people to cope with the stress they face. If you have any patient in your house, you can always go to these centers to get help from the professionals.

One More Reason To Exercise:

We all went to the school once and we all know now what our teachers must have felt. Occupational therapists determined different ways of coping the stress found in teachers. They suggest that exercise is the best way to cope extreme stress conditions. So when exercise can help teachers with their stress issues, why it cannot help you? When you feel stress next time, try to get busy in exercising.

Forgive and Forget:

Man is a social animal. We live with people and being in a relationship means we have to face whole lot of stress. In these troubles, granting forgiveness can help you to reduce day-to-day tension you get. Once the anger is gone, you will feel really better.

Even when the people were asked to forgive the September 11th terrorists, they felt better after granting forgiveness. The psychological distress also reduces with forgiveness.

Talk Out The Problem:

Sharing the matter that is troubling you with your family and friends can help to reduce the stress. Not only that, but by sharing you may also get the idea to cope with the situation that you are unable to do at your own.

Select Time-Flexible Working

If you are highly stressed with your job, you can select the job that has time-flexible work policies. It has been found that jobs which provide flexible work policies, the employees have less stress and better performance. No gender differences were reported for this remedy. Family-friendly working places considered as the best in this regard.

How to Restart Your Resolution

It’s February already and those resolutions made just a few weeks ago already seem to be a distant memory and the drive from the New Year seems to have disappeared. It’s only a month and a half into 2015 and the resolution goals placed in early January seem all but unachievable. How can someone restart their resolution and reenergize the determination once held paramount, above all other goals placed. The goal to lose weight, get into shape, or convert to a healthy lifestyle seem almost impossible among the stresses of work, family, friends, and everything else that pushes and pulls apart the drive from just a few weeks ago. The answer comes in looking back to the reason for creating the goals, looking at the present progress made on those goals, and looking to the future and seeing both the positive and negative outcomes.

At the beginning of January, everyone made a resolution or goal for the New Year. This wither came from looking at their current situation and wanting a change, or simply seeing the direction things are headed without any lifestyle changes. This observation must have caused enough regret and dissatisfaction to inspire renewed self worth and a more optimistic future. When dealing with the things in life that pull away from progress towards a better self, one must look back to what they were before the New Year and remember why it was so necessary to make a lift style change.

Looking at present progress also helps. After taking a good long look in the mirror and seeing that there has been solid progress that should inspire determination to push through the junk that obscures ones vision of what will be, rather than allowing the mind to be bogged down with doubt and discouragement. If there is no change from the beginning of the year to now after looking in the mirror, use that as determination to keep moving forward and not stray off the path of success. If things aren’t where they should be, change them.

Looking at the horizon of tomorrow and seeing what will be causing a stir within the heart to look to what will be and see hope blossom within the heart, unleashing limitless potential that grows with each passing second. Knowing that all the hard work will pay off and the current course’s destination is the accomplishment of all goals placed in the not so distant past. Knowing that hard work and perseverance will always prevail against doubt and fear, everyone can overcome that doubt and fear by pushing through and awaiting the promising future of accomplished goals and satisfaction.

Restarting resolutions is hard, but after taking a step back and seeing the bigger picture of the original motivation for the goals, the current progress, and the promising future, it is easy to want to keep pushing. The only way to accomplish New Year resolutions is to stay determined and preserver to the end. You can do it!